Patient Preparations Instructions:

For accurate exam results, carefully follow preparation instructions. If fasting is required, diabetic patients SHOULD NOT take insulin before the procedure. Photo identification is required for all exams.

Digital Mammography

DO NOT apply any powders, deodorant, ointments to the underarm area or breast area on the day of the exam. If you experience breast tenderness prior to or during menstruation, try to schedule a routine mammogram at a more comfortable time during your cycle. Two-piece outfits are recommended.


GALL BLADDER OR ABDOMEN: Patient should be fasting for eight (8) hours prior to the exam. Eating, drinking or chewing gum is prohibited.

TRANS/ABD., PELVIS AND PREGNANCY (UP TO 6 MONTHS): 1½ hours before exam, go to the bathroom, then drink 32oz. (four (4) 8oz. glasses) of liquid. All fluids must be completed 1 hour before appointment. DO NOT use the bathroom until ultrasound has been completed.

ULTRASOUND RENAL: Drink 16oz of water 30 min. prior to exam.

CT Scan


ABDOMEN/PELVIS: NPO (nothing to eat or drink) after midnight.
* You will be given a drink as part of the exam and wait one hour prior to scanning.
* Please inform technologist of any allergies toward IODINE, before drinking contrast.

EXAMS ORDERED WITH IV CONTRAST: NPO (nothing to eat or drink) after midnight.
* If you are allergic to iodine please inform the technologist.
* To avoid scan time or rescheduling, DIABETICS or PATIENTS over 50 years of age must have a BUN and creatinine lab test at least 72 hours prior to exam.  
* If taking diabetic medication containing METFORMIN, stop taking medication for 48 hours (two days), after exam.
* If you have any concerns or questions about stopping your medication, please consult your physician.

CHILDREN: Ages 36 months to 6 years: Sleep deprive patient at midnight the day prior to the exam. Do not allow child to sleep at any time before arriving.

Open MRI

CONTRAINDICATIONS: The following inplanted devices exlude you from having an MRI exam:

* Pacemaker cardiac valve with metal 

* Cochlear implants

* TENS Unit

* Brain aneurysm clip

* Battery operated pump (Insulin, pain medications, etc...).


* NO jewelry of any kind.

* Wear comfortable loose clothing such as warm-ups.

* NO metal zippers, buttons. Anything metallic will affect the image of the exam and will get attracted to the magnet.

* NO makeup


NO preparation necessary. 

Bone Density

Unless, otherwise,  instructed, eat normally on the day of the exam, avoiding intake of CALCIUM supplements at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Wear loose, comfortable clothing without zippers, buttons, grommets or any metal. You should not have had a barium study, radioisotope injection, oral or intravenous contrast material from a CT scan or MRI for seven days before this exam.
If you have implanted devices such as pacemaker or infusion pumps, have breast tissue expanders, please contact the radiology department before your exam.

Medical Insurance Information

We are pleased to accept a broad variety of insurance plans. Our expert billing and insurance department will gladly handle the filling of your claim.

If your Health Carrier is not listed please call us to verify. Please call your carrier to verify coverage. If there are any questions call Baaxten to verify in/out network benefits.


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